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Ram Kaushik

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history" - Mahatma Gandhi 

Ram Kaushik a visionary, humble and inspiring personality who belongs to an agriculture origins, dared to dream beyond his means and conqured his dream. WHEN Ramji Kaushik, a middle class boy from an agriculturist family of Alwar, decided to buy a dilapidated fort on the outskirts of Alwar city, his friends thought he had lost his sanity. Neither the hilltop fort nor the Dadhikar village at its foothill had water or electric supplies.

There was no road leading up to the ruins of the once-fortified haveli. In 2007, Kaushik bought the fort from the heir of King Chand for Rs 50 lakh. “Everybody else saw it as the derelict structure that was devoid of amenities but I envisioned it as a getaway far from city life, with a breathtaking view,” he reminisces.

A hotel management graduate, and the son of a Sanskrit professor, Kaushik did not have savings to buy the property so he took a bank loan. “I always had a keen interest in restoration so I researched on what the original fort must have looked like,” he says. He recycled the stones from rubble, hunted down retired masons who could work with old style of limestone construction, trained young labourers from the Dadhikar village itself. Imperial looking wooden gates were custom made from Jodhpur, janglas sourced from Shekhawati and the entire fort was furnished like an antiquated and fortified haveli.