The Charm of Old World Weddings

Marriages are made in heaven, but the grandeur and splendor of a heavenly wedding can be recreated on earth. The old world charm of a heritage location is what sets apart a memorable wedding. The moments enhanced by the beauty of all traditional hues and colors, the scrumptious and authentic food, the exceptional service and breath taking surroundings complete the ambiance. Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding and what better than to make the bride feel like a queen on her special day. Each part of the day, from the morning tea amidst the gorgeous sunrise from the mountains, to the luncheon in the lush lawns and the evenings by the bonfire, will make the whole wedding party feel special . Time itself will transcend to another world making memories to cherish for a lifetime. Now, royal weddings are not just for the royals and celebrities, come experience the beauty at Dadhikar Hotels and be a part of history.

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