Why weekend Getaways Matter

Life usually seems to zip by between office deadlines, grocery shopping, weekend chores and the daily grind. Vacations are few and far between and even those at times are spent at summer camps or family functions. The importance of me time, recharging your batteries and some soul searching is so important in countless ways. You don't need to spend a fortune both in terms of time and money to enjoy the benefits of these. Weekend Getaways at your rescue. Take off on a Friday night to an unplanned destination, relax and enjoy away from the city and feel the difference. There has been a huge increase in weekend getaway destinations around all major Metros. While we get a chance to see the simplicity of the not so busy city life, we also get a chance to disconnect and view life from a new perspective and with a fresh vision. Whatever takes your fancy, heritage hotels, spas, adventure or romantic getaways, there is plenty of choice..So don't let THIS weekend zip past you !!